When I was a Kid…

I never had princess syndrome… I wanted to be She-Ra Princess of Power. 😀

When He-Man and She-Ra were released on DVD 6 years ago, I was ecstatic to re-live my childhood and watch episodes I never saw or vaguely remembered.

When I was 10, my sister got me into rubber stamping which lasted a few years before I started making jewelry again.  But then I started ribbon embroidery.  I was just a kid who really liked doing crafts and watching cartoons.  Even as a teenager, I wasn’t boy crazy.  I was still doing my ribbon embroidery and making jewelry.  The walls of my room were covered in Hercules and Xena posters that I need to custom frame for my Artist’s Studio someday.  My favorite Mulan poster still hangs above my bed, waiting to be taken down for framing.  Hey, maybe I should do that soon… 😀

I lived in that room until I was 25… walls still covered in posters of the childhood I never left behind.  I even had an Age of Empires II poster from the expansion pack.  Hehehe.  Way better than World of Warcraft, but my PC refuses to let me play.  And I really shouldn’t be playing it on my laptop, but maybe for the sake of my creativity, I will.  Haha. 😉

I can only hope and work towards a strong future with Jesse… so we can have an interesting life and eventually a happy life where I have a place I can call my Artist’s Studio.  My framed poster of Neuschwanstein can go in the living room as well as a few ribbon embroidered pieces that are framed.  But I should spare my kids from the custom framed He-Man posters I have waiting to be hung somewhere. 😉

That reminds me, I should go frame a few things… time to see if Michael’s is having a framing sale. 😉  I have a Snoopy cross stitch/ribbon embroidery piece I’ve been wanting to frame for a LONG time, as well as a She-Ra toy promo that totally goes with my Shabby Chic vibe.  Yes, I should do that.




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