The Artist’s Way ~ Week 3 Recap

Morning Pages… no more than a page per day.

Artist Date… being stranded in Chino Hills for an hour, wandering through Toys R Us and Babies R Us.

This week forced me to deal with my definitions and notions of friends.  I had a fight with a friend on Monday and she said she wanted a break from being friends.  Fine, let’s take a break.  I interpreted this as “I don’t want to hang out with you one-on-one, but group activities are fine because we have to keep the status quo.”  So I assumed to cancel all plans we had after our group activity and made plans with Jesse.  This turned out to be the wrong assumption and I seriously felt like Ross dealing with Rachel after they had “The Break”.  This clearly shows that I think like a man and not like a woman.

I’ve never really “dumped” a friend… I keep them around until they decide to go batshit crazy.  They fade in and out of life, sometimes making a guest appearance here and there, but that’s how life is.  We evolve and grow and sometimes grow out of people as well.  Ideally, not our spouses, but it happens too.  I think the key to this is how we deal with that growth and those particular friends.

As for metal stamping, I need to practice on copper until my right arm is buff enough to really impress the silver because it’s just not up to par just yet.  Good thing I ordered a ton of copper blanks. 🙂

Here’s a pretty Japanese garden in Downtown LA… definitely a hidden treasure.  Oh, and my handsome future gazing out into the distance. 😉


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