Lazy Sunday

Sunday was amazing. It was one of the few weekends I actually got to stay home. I went out to go to church and to the Orange Mall for cookies. Didn’t have much work to do either, which was nice. I really hope there are more lazy Sundays in my future like this.

Creatively speaking, lazy days spent lounging around the house are the best because something clicks inside my head and it’s easier to create. There aren’t any major distractions going in so my brain has time to slow down and process. It’s nice, especially when your mind is as active as mine has been. It gets tiring after awhile!

It’s been frustrating to be used to a routine for so many years then the second you’re in a relationship, life takes a more interesting turn. But now that my relationship has grown and established itself within the past two years, I feel that it’s okay for me to go back and find my Artist’s roots to be creative again. Also, I need to clean, organize, and eventually pack up my studio. Hopefully wherever we move to will have nice bursts of sunlight so I don’t need to invest in photography lights. Or I could just do all my photography here at the house and setup a little something in my room. It would be a lot easier to have a more permanent setup without needing to move it very much. Hmm, interesting idea. Although the camera stays with me. 😉

Yes, married life will definitely be interesting. But definitely worth the new adventure so I can find some new inspiration somewhere. And more lazy Sundays soon to be with my husband. 😉


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