La La La… Maybe Something New… and Clean Dishes

I’ve been grouchy today.  Not sure why, other than the half day roadtrip and I missed writing today.  Grrr.  Oh well, at least I got my pile of work done and the dishes washed.  And started a new project… haven’t done that since the infinity necklace. 😉

So, I really haven’t been doing my lesson on “Reading Depervation” although I do understand that too much left brain activity (anything relating to words) distracts from right brain activity.  Aislyn of explains this concept quite well and that’s why I always play instrumental music of some kind when I’m in “design” mode.  Really, it’s more like “Hey, I’m being an artist, go away” mode, but the former sounds nicer.  Sometimes I like people.  But I usually don’t. 😛

Anyway, I was thinking about my favorite lariat that’s really one of my best pieces ever.  This was circa late 2007 when I was trying to do something new with chainmaille and figure out how to add beads and chain and other materials I’m used to using.  I took my favorite chain and my favorite size ring and started going crazy.  Ended up with a nice and long lariat with an attached shorter necklace with the same design and a some crystals dangling off of it.  It was genius to add that because it just gives the necklace more “Hey, look at that” appeal.  I’ve tried to mimic this over the years, but the last lariat I made wasn’t strong enough to withstand the beatings a lariat takes.  Tonight, I figured out my pattern and beads and picked up the 20 gauge wire.  This is really heavy duty stuff and my beads can handle the girth. 😉  Hahaha.  We’ll see how this turns out.  I was telling myself I have to push through and put part of it together, or else I’d get lazy or something would get in the way of finishing the idea before I could.  So I constructed the important part of the design then decided that was a perfect start and a perfect time to go wash the dishes.  Random, I know.  But now I’m done so I should get ready for bed and finish up the pattern so I can decide if I like it or not.  I think I will, but it’s nice to have something tangible in your hands to see and feel and play with.

Jesse’s gone this weekend, then flies out to Chicago on Monday.  So I’m a semi-free woman ’til Thursday.  I think that just means I have more time to focus on jewelry and myself.  Whew, what a change… or something.


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