Chainmaille with a Hui-Twist

In Sashi’s “Spirit of the Dance” workshop, she tells us we need 2 things in our back pockets in order to pull off a good performance.  Technique and knowing your choreography.  Applying that concept to jewelry, I have my skills and how to seamlessly link those skills together.  My skills are my color techniques, and most importantly, my chainmaille skills.  Unfortunately, I know I can’t build a career off of my chainmaille skills alone.  It’s too left brained and not creative enough.  Of course, I’ll always showcase it because it is my foundation, but it’s not the icing on the cake.  The embellishment is.  But this piece would look silly with beads…

It’s strong enough to stand on its own without adornment.  So, that’s where I am right now… caught between skill and the icing on the cake.  I love both and I will continue to create both.  I’m just trying to pinpoint who I am as an artist.  Definitely a chainmaille artist.  What I really need to do is sit down with my glass beads and play with them again.  I really think that will be the best way to challenge myself and get things done creatively.  Interesting focal beads, a good play on color, and definitely not trendy.

Yeah, I need to make more designs like this.  Chainmaille with a Hui-Twist. 😉


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