The Artist’s Way ~ Week 4 Recap

Morning Pages ~ Everyday except Thursday, but only once got to 3 pages.

Artist Date – Monday; went to the bookstore, David’s Bridal, and got a cookie. 🙂

The reading deprivation really didn’t work because I love reading blogs and stuff.  This week was so long and boring, I decided to bust out my copy of “7 Highly Effective Habits for Teens” and then started a day early reading about Week 5.  But like I said in an earlier post, I understand the concept of not reading when you want to create.

Something creative has been awakening inside of me again, though.  I started slowly working on a chainmaille necklace whenever I’m on the phone or when I have a few minutes to make a little bit of chain.  Then I came up with an idea I need to test out and design.  I’m really excited about the idea and wondering why I didn’t come up with it sooner.  So yes, the system is working.

I’ve been meaning to write out what my ideal environment is, so I’ll describe it here.  I thrive on natural, unobstructed daylight.  With Gilmore Girls playing in the background, I’m as happy as a clam before it’s steamed in a garlic butter sauce.  That’s pretty much what I did before dinner tonight.  Watched an episode of GG and worked on a pendant I’ve been meaning to make more of, but never had the time or patience to sit down and make it again.  This morning, I also cranked out a pair of Can Can earrings in happy spring/Easter bunny barf colors.  It’s been a good jewelry weekend for some reason.  I’ve also been drinking a lot of chamomile tea instead of my usual Tazo Zen Green tea.  I guess I’ve needed the zen?  I haven’t had any since I was sick with a horrid sore throat that lasted for a solid 2 weeks during the holidays.  Yeah, that sucked hairy monkey balls.  And ever since then I haven’t been able to drink it until now.  Crazy.  Right, ideal surroundings… chamomile tea, Gilmore Girls in the background if I’m not creating something new, daylight, and probably Jesse peddling around nearby (silently because I’ll train him not to disturb me while I’m in artist mode).

Here’s the pendant base I made.  Haven’t decided what kind of stone to display yet… no, I take that back, I decided on an iolite because I need to wear more of it.  Next one I make will be with a garnet.  Then a smaller pendant to showcase smaller hanging stones. 😉

Oh yeah, I should tumble my fluorite necklace that I upcycled with a new focal bead. 😀


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