The Artist’s Way ~ Week 6 Recap

Morning Pages – Every morning except for Friday, I think.

Artist Date – Meh, it’s been a busy week, but I did carve some time here and there.

This week focused on money and how we don’t have to be starving artists.  We can support ourselves via our art if we can cut out all the unnecessary junk that clutters our lives.  Zen Habits also had a blog post about clutter this week, too.  First off, I will say that I never want to be the woman who has to call her husband before she can buy something large and not part of the household budget.  That annoys me to no end and will motivate me to make sure my jewelry business will pay for itself, some rent, and misc. luxuries as long as it doesn’t add clutter to our home.

Oddly enough, this was another week of remembering just exactly who I am.  Ms. Crazymaker was at it again and it made me realize you have to have confidence in yourself before you can honestly tell the world to f— off.  Again, we have issues that have to be addressed before we can move forward and have a healthy, balanced friendship.  Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to meet each other halfway so my hands are tied.  The best way to handle the situation is to leave the door open, but don’t dwell on it by staring at it and moping.  Get up and move on because the world is still going unless the Apocalypse decides to show up tomorrow and destroy the world.

Another interesting point to mention is the discussion a new friend and I had yesterday.  We both grew up in Orange County, probably in the upper middle class, so we were both scratching our heads wondering why some people are not comfortable shopping at South Coast Plaza.  Yes, it has high end designers like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, etc, but there are also regular chain stores you find in any other mall, like Sears, The Limited, Sanrio, The Gap, Wet Seal, etc.  I’ve heard countless times people saying, “Too rich for my blood” and other people who are clueless about high end fashion say, “It’s a big mall.”  I suppose it’s an underlying issue of how people feel about themselves, money, and people who have more money than them.  I’m not sure how to address narrow-minded people other than telling them, “Who cares?  Let’s go shopping.”

Lastly, a friend asked when I’m selling my stamped pendants.  That really made my day since I previously admitted I have no idea where I’m going with all this metal stamping.  So, a bit of hope there.  Let’s hope I find more moments like those. 🙂


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