Love Really Does Conquer All

I finally hit my La la la mood yesterday.  Jesse came over Friday and Saturday to help me clean up and get ready for the painters to paint the hallway.  So we went through a bunch of random junk, stuffed the linen closet, then attacked my pile of clothes.  He was a good sport throughout the whole process and I now have a nice pile of donations to make.  We moved on to my room where he parked himself on my bed while I put all my hoodies on hangers and went through my dresses.  He likes dresses without prints because they should be worn by older women.  Bah, I love prints that look like old country quilts… cabbage roses and such.  That was fun. 🙂

The real thing I was astounded at was the fact that he only teased me a little bit about the state of my room, but other than that, he respected my space.  He didn’t touch things, ask how much this cost, and was generally very pleasant about the whole thing.  Yes, I can marry this man and live with him for what I hope to be forever.  He even bonded with my dad over the messy state of my room. 😉

I was so happy after he left, that I decided to start stamping round copper blanks for a “Jesse loves Hui” charm bracelet.  I haven’t figured out the design yet, but the blanks I started working on are adorable.  I also started testing out the smallest blanks I have (I figured since I ordered another 100 that I should play with them O_O) and they’re so darn cute!  OMG, I’m so much in love.  ♥♥♥

Really, hopefully this is the future I’m looking forward to.  A life partner, the moral support I need to take over the world, or to just clear out old junk.  Clear the obstructions in the way of truly living a creative life.  ♥♥♥


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