The Artist’s Way ~ Week 9 Recap

Morning Pages:  Everyday but Friday… Thursday I actually wrote 3 pages!!!

Artist Date:  I went to Wal-Mart and Dairy Queen… I need to expand my wandering areas.

This week was pretty busy, but it calmed down by Sunday.  Monday night, bellydance, Tuesday night hanging out with Jesse and his sisters, Wednesday night, dropped Jesse off at the airport for his crazy adventure to Costa Rica.  Thursday night I was busy working and decided to spend what little time I had to myself watching He-Man.  That was awesome; I haven’t been in a He-Man mood lately.  Friday I ran off to Brawley, cramping no less, and so happy to be home in the early evening.  First thing I did was take a hot shower to wash off the day, then peddled around my room, indulging in more He-Man.  I skipped dinner because I was snacking the whole 3 hour drive to stay awake.  Later, I ventured downstairs and ended up watching a Jet Li movie with Dad.  Watched more He-Man and settled into bed.

Saturday was my friends’ wedding and it was awesome.  I made her earrings and jewelry for the bridesmaids.  Let me tell you, it was all so perfect! 😉

(Photobucket is being strange, so my apologies for the non-rotated photo)

I’m really happy with the way everything turned out.  I’ll post her wedding pictures with her and the bridesmaids once she gets the professional photos. 🙂

Sunday evening was interesting, to say the least.  I started cleaning off my desk… something I just never do.  I was sorting out all the loose jump rings and bits of chain scattered around.  I think I was inspired by a few things… 1) I need to create a more inspirational workspace (even though I’ll only be here for another 6 months), 2) I need to clear everything and organize it so I can easily take it with me, and 3) I wasn’t interrupted.  I also finished the chainmaille necklace I’ve been working on for the past month or two.  That was a real accomplishment for me and I was so ecstatic.  I’m wearing it tonight to dance class.  I need to show off. 😉

I think the Artist’s Way is seriously more of a life cleanse than anything else.  I’ve been becoming far more aware of myself than ever before and this kind of insight is valuable enough to say, “Hey, I like this.”


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