So, I actually pulled out a box of beads to play with tonight.  Crazy, huh?  Yeah, I know. 🙂  I decided to make a charm bracelet with all these cute stamped tags I have.  Then I switched from tiger eye to sunstone because I’ll wear the sunstone more.  Then I stopped because I might be running out of tags.  Really, I think I’m just overly excited that I’m getting something made.  I’m actually creating something.  Whoo hoo!  I needed to make a note to stamp a whole bunch of tags that will coordinate with each other.  I already have a few that do, but they need polishing and I’m not in the mood to polish.  The good thing is that I’m starting to figure out what to do with all these tags.  And the fact that I actually need to make more, oxidize them, and polish them.  At least the surgical gloves my dad uses to protect his skin from too much washing (thank you Dad for dry skin) help keep my hands from getting excessively black.

I think someone said artists are ADD of some degree.  Tonight, that is correct. 😉


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