Bottom Lines

This week’s Artist’s Way lessons included figuring out bad creative habits/blockages and how to fix them.  Basically create a rule/boundary and stick with it.  I already have a few personal ones set in place, so I think I’ll list them and expand on that.

1)  Never schedule multiple activities back-to-back

I am the type of person who really does not like to be rushed, late, or over-scheduled.  Honestly, I’m usually late half the time I need to be somewhere and Jesse teases me he’ll see me 2 hours from when I say I’m going to arrive.  I have put him in his place on occasion, but at least he knows.

2)  Set a date, don’t accommodate other people.

In order to straightforwardly deal with people and party planning, ask around for a good date, then make it on this day at this time, no exceptions unless 90% of your party decides they like another day.  I think that’s a reasonable idea because people are flaky, busy, and who knows what else.

3)  When I’m hiding, leave me alone.

I’m an introvert.  Deal with it.  When I want to hide, I’m usually stressed out, overworked, and in dire need of some alone time or peace and quiet.  I’m add the peace and quiet because I’m sure Jesse will be peddling around the room when I’m trying to get into my zen, so I just need to make sure he’s quiet during that time.  I get snappy and grouchy and start posting on my Facebook status I either want to pinch or hide.  Or both.  Yeah, don’t bother me when I’m feeling like this.  If I don’t have time to hide, I might compensate with metal stamping… nothing quite feels like a good whack of the hammer.

4)  Less computer time.

I stopped playing World of Warcraft because I was working 10-12 hour days, then sitting in the same place, same room, same computer playing into the wee hours of the night.  And after I hit Level 60, I got bored because I had to continue running around and killing things.  Don’t get me wrong, I totally miss running around and killing things, but I can’t let my life waste away in front of the computer and with the addition of Facebook, it really sucks away a lot of time.  So maybe I’ll set my alarm to tell me to log off the computer and do something creative or at least something else.

5)  Focus on one task at least 5 minutes per day.

FlyLady is the most annoying nagging website/email ever, but it seems to get the point across.  5 minutes a day to do something, then walk away.  Jesse will appreciate my efforts on limiting my clutter and I’m sure my wallet will too because I won’t need another one because I found the original one.  Yeah… 😛  I have found that it works.  That’s how I finished my Flower Byzantine necklace.  Work on it a little bit at a time so you don’t get burnt out.  I’ve been doing that today between my room and my office and it’s made a huge difference visually, albeit, a small one.  Baby steps.  I have until the end of the year.  That should be enough time. 😉

6)  Carve out time for important things.

I need to take time to enjoy life… stop and smell the roses.  Take pictures of pretty flowers.  Make time to make jewelry.  Make time to read.  Things like that.  Relax.  Breathe.  Be happy…


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