The Artist’s Way ~ Week 10 Recap

Morning Pages ~ Every morning except Sunday.

Artist Date ~ Ran errands in a big fat Mercedes and giggled over the absurdity of it… not my kind of car unless I have a family to haul around.  But even then… nah.

A friend on Saturday reminded me of who I am… or at least a part of me I had totally forgotten about.  I’ve spent a lot of time nurturing my relationship with Jesse and I feel that it’s time to be more proactive about socializing together with friends since the majority of my friends are starting to get engaged and married.  And carve out some time to nourish my creative spirit. 😉

It’s been a busy week, but without Jesse around as an escape, I dealt with it as best I could.  It actually reminded me of life pre-Jesse when the economy was good and I barely had time to have a life.  I don’t miss those days… it was just long and hard.

I’ve been stamping a lot this week.  I even ventured into sterling again.  It’s very exciting.  I think I made this on either Wednesday or Thursday.  This is my tribute to the Penny Angels and my former engineering activities advisor. 😉

I really need to start incorporating stones and crystals with these tags.  Honestly, the stamping is meant as a physical outlet for me.  I’m creative with my stamping designs and now it’s time to get even more creative with the actual jewelry design.  So it’s a 2-step creative process.  I really love it for some reason, so I need to spend more time on that.  Once I figure out how to balance everything.  Ughhhhhhhh.


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