The Artist’s Way ~ Week 11 Recap

Morning Pages:  Everyday except Friday and Saturday?

Artist Date:  I don’t remember

Sheesh, last week was a blur.  Jesse came home Thursday night and I stayed home Friday to work, then watch Hoarders for the first time and clean up my room.  Not that it helped since I stubbed my toe on jewelry trays tonight.  Yeah, need to get organizing some more.  My dentist office wants to see some new jewelry on Thursday, so I’ve been busy working on a bracelet tonight.  It’s really pretty and I really can’t decide if I want to oxidize it or not.

So I had my first adventure playing “Mom” this weekend.  Makayla and I went to David’s Bridal to pick out a flower girl dress.  She picked out the one she liked and refused to consider anything else.  Luckily it ended up to be on sale and I got her a coordinating headband in my dark pink color.  Yay.  I’ll probably cut off the bow that ties on the back of her dress and get the dark pink sash to go around her waist.  I need to decide if I want satin or chiffon.  I’ll probably wait until my bridesmaid picks out her dress, then decide.  I have 5 months and about a week until the wedding so whatever.  I was surprised I was able to take the dress home.  But it was a flower girl dress and not a jr. bridesmaid dress.  Maybe that’s the difference. /shrug

So, not much new this week, other than Jesse being home (yay!).  Need to get cracking on a few things, jewelry and everything else.  Just need to focus, not stress, and just do it.  Like how I’m going to finish as much of the bracelet as I can tonight and go to bed. 😉


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