Ooo, pretty…

I haven’t figured out a name for these bracelets yet, but they’re pretty cool, depending if you want a chunky look or a dainty look.  Yay for being versatile.

You can see the difference between the top bracelet and the other 3.  I love this design now that I think of it.  The early morning light does not do well for pictures.  And I need to not be lazy and use my tripod.  Speaking of which, when Jesse and I go shopping for a new desk, I would really like a corner desk so one side can be the working area with loose beads and rings, while the other side can be the photography and display area that’s constantly neat with the camera, tripod, and SD drives set and ready to go.  But that really depends on the size of the apartment and where the window is.  We’ll see. 😉



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