Stone Sunday ~ Larimar

I’ve been craving Larimar lately… probably because I need something to help calm me down that doesn’t include Jesse. 😉

I’m sure I’ve said this somewhere before, but Larimar is my all-time favorite stone.  I discovered it at my local Gem Faire in 2005 or 2006.  It was around the time I just started getting into stones, so I believe it was 2006.  I still have that receipt somewhere… it even drew me to my favorite crazy pirate rock lady I met at the Pasadena Bead Show.  She has some amazing stones and I wish I could follow her to New Mexico and learn the stone trade from her.  She has her own cutting production and her loot is AMAZING.  I ♥ Kia.

It’s taken me several years to build up my collection, simply because it’s so hard to come by.  The only mine is stuck under a volcano.  Um, yeah, that’s hard to get to.  But it’s still a rather inexpensive stone in comparison to other stones.  With its rarity, I’m sure the prices will go up eventually, which gives me more incentive to stockpile as much of it as I can.  You can see I already have… 😀

My Hong Kong stone supplier has kept me well stocked with it, as well as a few other far and few in between.  I missed her recent 30% off sale, but I’m hoping she has another one with a higher discount before the year is out.

Here are a few pieces I’ve made with my Larimar stash…

Shoot, where’s this necklace above???


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