The Artist’s Way ~ Week 12 and Overall Recap

Week 12 was in the middle of crunch time at work, so I didn’t get a lot of Morning Pages written.  I do, however, understand the need for the Morning Pages, no matter how short they are because it’s really hard to write down 3 pages of “mind dumping”.  I should try that during the next round and see how it feels.  It’s back-to-school season so notebooks will be be plentiful and on sale… food for thought. 😉

Creativity is a choice.  We can choose to nurture it or bury it under logic and reason.  I know I struggle between creativity and logic/reason, simply because I’m an engineer by profession and an artist the rest of the time.  What I really need to do is learn how to merge the two harmoniously.  Really, I wonder if it’s possible, but then again, nothing is impossible, is it?

This round of TAW taught me how to be more aware of myself and the people around me.  Growing up is hard, but it’s part of life and your personal evolution.  It also brought forth the metal stamping, which has been a blast.  Now I need to figure out what to do with it all, but in the meantime, I’ll keep whacking away.  I have a few ideas I need to put to work.  But I do think these personal achievement lessons are part of the creative process… just in a different light that’s frustrating because it’s not exactly what I wanted or expected.  It’s hard to let go of preconceived notions like that.  But self-awareness is good to have.

Another interesting thought is about spas… people generally pay for massage and the tranquility that comes with it.  I wonder how I can take that tranquility and apply it to my own life and surroundings.  I love bright, natural sunlight spewing through the windows and just giving the room an ethereal glow.

Jesse has been nothing but wonderful, except when he suggested I study for the EIT on my birthday.  I was livid enough that he backed off.  Whew.  So he ended up baking me a cake and taking me for dinner and a movie.  Harry Potter was epic.  All and all a good birthday… and 5 months until the wedding.  I think I should start the next Artist’s Way book to keep myself sane.


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