Creative Clutter Gone Bad

I used to have an eye for the little details in my photographs.  I used my silly little bendable tripod every time I took a picture.  My camera has an awesome macro function and I’ve used it well.  I just need to find the motivation to really photograph my beautiful jewelry again.

Part of the problem is probably because my desk has become so creatively cluttered, it’s hit the point of “No, can’t do anything, too messy.”  The only reason I get anything done these days is because I have to.  Not the best way to operate anything let alone a business.  Time to bust out my kitchen timer (or iPhone timer) and do my 15 min cleaning spree.  Yay for annoying FlyLady.  I swear that was the only good thing about her because I’m not one to listen to nagging.  I need to do a general tidying for 15 mins a day instead of spending an hour or two doing a kamikaze cleaning every few weeks.  And figure out how to remain a little bit tidy so the mess afterwards isn’t completely insane.  I’m all for creative clutter, but this has reached the point of ridiculousness.


I took my lunch break and decided to put away stones into their respective boxes.  I still don’t have a home for tourmaline and sodalite.  There might be one more but I can’t remember at the moment.  I need to consult my stone book to see what gets along with what.  I’d assume to house the Tourmalated  quartz with the rest of the tourmaline, but what goes with the sodalite?  Oh yeah, I have a few bits of spinel here and there.  Spinel actually was used to mimic more expensive stones like rubies before science said, “Hey, those aren’t rubies.”  Very cool stone for sure.

Gem Faire is at the end of the month and after this weekend, August should be a fairly calm month.  Looking forward to some lazy summer days.  Summer hasn’t been lazy for me yet. /sigh


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