Dream Studio

As I quietly contemplate my new living conditions after the wedding, I’m dreaming of how to put together a new studio for myself.  Jesse said I can get a new desk instead of bringing my old one with me.  Considering I’ve had that desk for 23 years, this will be a nice upgrade.  I would really like to keep most of my stuff contained to keep the apartment neat, so I’ve been researching different types of craft furniture and I’m slowly starting to narrow down the possibilities.

I’m wary about the WorkBox, simply because of the shelving inserts.  I need to dummy proof myself because I tend to knock things over when I’m tired.  I really don’t want to knock down any tins full of tiny little jump rings.  I do like the MiniBox too…

All the Boxes have a latch so it’s very kid proof until they get older and tall enough to reach the latch.  That I do like, but I still need to see everything in person before I make any decisions.  And find an apartment.  Hehehe.  I’m really excited about all of this.  It’ll be fun. 😀

I think I’ve found the perfect desk for dummy proofing my jump rings.  The only drawback is that I probably can’t hammer on acrylic.  Maybe I’ll just have to move onto Jesse’s desk for hammering.  Hehehe.

Can you tell I’m in love, in spite of not being able to hammer on it?  I asked a question on the manufacturer’s Facebook Page.  Let’s see if they answer me.  If not, there is a scrapbook store in the San Gabriel Valley I can go visit to see it in person.  Hopefully Jesse and I will go on an adventure this weekend.  Hehehehehehehe.


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