Gold Fever

My chainmaille ring supplier and creative inspiration announced that they are offering rings in yellow and rose gold-filled.  You have NO IDEA how epic this is for me because I personally prefer rose gold over anything else.  Heck, my engagement ring and soon-to-be wedding band are rose gold.  That’s how much I love rose gold.  Actually, my love of rose gold started when my dad and I would travel to Hawaii together to visit my sister who lives on Maui.  Each trip he would buy me a piece of jewelry from Na Hoku, which eventually turned into my favorite jewelry store.  So when these plumeria rings came out a few years ago, I immediately knew those would someday be my wedding rings once the right man came around.  Who knew that would happen so quickly already? 😉

So yeah, I’ve been itching to start making chainmaille in yellow and rose gold again, simply because I can get rings of the highest caliber.  That’s my version of outsourcing.  Hehehe.  Now I just wish the gold prices would drop about a $1,000.  But that would be dreaming of a nicer economy, wouldn’t it?  Oh well, we just have to make do with what we have.  I’ve only made 2.5 bracelets in rose gold-filled so this is very inspiring to get back on the bandwagon. 🙂

By the way, this was a perfect shot with perfect lighting.  I ❤ my camera.  Oh, and my ring. 😉


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