Linear Creativity

You’d think that a stereotypical engineer would be dull, boring, and very linear.  Eh, not my family.  Yes, my dad is very linear, but he does have a lot of random abstract creative thoughts that show in his love for shopping, architecture, and interior design.  I must get my paradoxic  nature from him…

As a child and eventually into adulthood, I lived out of bead boxes.  So the concept of the bead box is really nothing new.  I still have my first 2 boxes that I filled with as much Swarovski crystal as I could buy.  From there I would stare at them intensely, my mind analyzing every color, in hopes to create the perfect color combination for a stretchy bracelet.

As for my chainmaille rings, they come packaged in beautiful red and purple tins for easy access and storage.  Everything is at my fingertips when I’m ready to put a design together.

That’s why I’m really glad I decided to organize my stones in a similar manner.  I can finally clean off my desk and let my stones inspire me the same way my crystals and jump rings have.  My jewelry design is very linear.  I take beads, analyze the shape and size and compare to other beads, toss in some chainmaille bits, and then I have a new design/jewelry piece.  It’s really not that hard.  I’ve been feeling out of sync because my tiny rings are in a jumble and stuck in a drawer, my desk is a cluttered mess with beads and rings scattered everywhere, and random things falling off whenever I hammer something.  Well, the hammering is a different story and I probably just need to buy a better bench block/anvil.  But still…

Still thinking of getting a few of the tall IKEA Billy bookshelves to surround myself in.  If I can keep everything nice and neat but still have everything showing, that would be awesome.  Neat for Jesse and my sanity, but still easily accessible and blends in with whatever decor we end up having.  Not sure what to have on the bottom shelf though.  I’m very meticulous about the organization of my shelves.  The top shelf would be all my breakable collectibles like my 3 Mulan Snowglobes, random trinkets, and random stones.  The second through fourth shelves from the top would be reserved for bead boxes, and then the last two shelves would be for books.  My old and tattered Calculus book, my electrical engineering “bible”, and whatever random textbooks and bead books.  Eh, we’ll see what we decide to get.  But I still can’t wait to decorate. 😀

I wonder if Jesse would agree on this TV stand… only if it doesn’t take up a lot of space and if the living room is large enough.  I just like it for the storage above the TV. 😉


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