Ooo iPad!

I’ve been considering buying an iPad, but I can’t justify its purchase and upkeep yet.  The only way I’ve really justified buying one is if I can maintain a consistent stream of income from my jewelry business to be able to pay for it up front and have enough money to also pay for the data plan on a monthly basis.  I think that’s a good motivator to help me figure out how to make my business more profitable.  Honestly, would I really need a data plan if I just have wi-fi at home and at Starbucks?  I have my iPhone for email and Internet already.  Alright, maybe I don’t necessarily need an iPad.  It’s just a really pretty and shiny new toy to play with and show off all my pretty jewelry designs in actual digital albums.  Now that is cool.

Maybe I could buy it and not buy the data plan until I’m ready… hmm.  But not until I drum up more regular business and definitely not until after the wedding and misc moving expenses.  I’d rather have the beginnings of my dream studio first. 😉


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