Cleaning Mood, La La La

I have several jewelry boxes.  Hey, I make jewelry and I have an attraction to beautifully constructed wood jewelry boxes.  So I need to start thinking of what I’m going to be taking with me to my new home with Jesse.  Quite frankly, I need to better utilize my jewelry armoire and not use it as chainmaille ring storage.


Okay, I just cleared out all the non-essential stuff I’ve been hoarding in my jewelry armoire and utilized my pink storage boxes.  I wonder if adding a shelf liner would help prevent sliding while they are stacked on top of each other.  If so, then I can easily stack the 5 boxes I have next to whatever desk I end up with.  They actually are the perfect size for me.  I may end up taking them to some wood craftsman to furnish me some custom cabinets with drawers of that width.  Great idea! 😉

When I get in my cleaning mood, sometimes I get overwhelmed with the amount of stuff that needs to be done, but this time I remembered the nagging FlyLady and decided to tackle one task and that was clearing out my armoire, which led to the filing of my copper rings into the pink thing.  Whoo hoo!

Now to sort through my clothes… I can really feel my style maturing.  Mind you, I’ve been a Talbots girl ever since I was 13.  I really didn’t like fashion as a teenager.  Only lately I’ve been embracing my Talbots love, most likely because I’ve also been falling in love with Karen Kane.  It’s very easily washable and just so versatile.  And Jesse compliments me the most in my Karen Kane dresses.  So I suppose I’m starting to dress my age.  I actually have time and energy to care again.  Last year I was too overwhelmed and busy to care.  Now that life is settling down again, it’s nice to be well put together and stuff.  Hehehehe.


One thought on “Cleaning Mood, La La La

  1. YAY for cleaning! And when looking at shelf liners, I would go with the rubberized kind. Yeah they are a little thicker but nothing will slip off those bad boys, and you can get them cheap at big lots or the dollar store! 🙂

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