The Artist’s Way, Book 2, Walking In This World, Week 1 Recap

Morning Pages:  Everyday except Tuesday or Wednesday

Artist Date + Artist Walk:  Ran around doing the last of the David’s Bridal stuff

I’ve been feeling frazzled, sick from whatever Jesse had before our Yosemite trip, and overall OMG blaaaaaaaah lately.  I was writing an email to a friend when it hit me… I should start the next book of the Artist’s Way.  So I did and it’s creative magic started working instantly.  Yay for synchronicity.

Jewelry stuff has been slow and really just organizing the best I can in preparation of the move.  No, I’m not crazy for doing this now, because I have another month before we start looking for apartments.  I have a lot of creative clutter to clean up so it’s also been good for the soul. 😉  Also been slowly working on random chainmaille projects like the 12g Jens Pind bracelet I need to replace.  Started a pretty necklace with a moonstone center too.  I really liked what I started and I need to finish that.  Later. 😉

Wedding stuff has been gotten under control and it’s actually enjoyable.  Most of my invitations have been sent out, save for the few I need to hand deliver to family and friends.  Met with my wedding coordinator/decorator extrodinare and got a ton of stuff done.  Yay, less stuff to worry about.  As much as I’m a stickler for detail, this is just too much detail for me to handle.  I’m glad I have her doing all the leg work.  She’ll be making a prototype centerpiece for me within the next few weeks.  Yay!

I am performing with my bellydance troupe next month… it’s crazy and fun and will totally get me in shape for the wedding.  Definitely not enough of a workout to shrink my bustline like the last time we were gearing up to perform, but enough so I can still eat whatever I want for awhile.  Whoo hoo!

Overall, I’m really happy I started the 2nd book.  I always need new creative outlets throughout my everyday life and this really got something started.  We’ll see how the synchronicity continues to surprise me and you’ll be reading about everything here.


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