Where Women Create

I’ll never forget when I found my first issue of “Where Women Create”.  It was probably November of 2009, maybe October.  My dad and I were wandering around Fashion Island as usual and we stopped at Barnes and Noble.  I was browsing the “Magazines We Love” rack and literally stumbled upon it by dumb luck (I should write a page about dumb luck).  I immediately picked it up, thumbed through it like a child discovering a new shiny toy.  I rushed to the register to pay for it so I could take it home and suck up all the information within its pages.

Being an artist and being creative is something all artists struggle with.  This is not a unique situation, but one that has challenged each artist at some point in time, maybe more than once.  But WWC gives the fledgling artist hope that we can pursue and accomplish our dreams, no matter what life throws at us.  That is a hope that should never be overlooked but should be cherished and encourage us to “keep calm and carry on”.


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