Creative Posture

There has to be a better, more comfortable, and ergonomic way of sitting at your workbench making beautiful jewelry without killing your back, shoulders, and neck.  I’ve had this suspicion ever since I started taking Tribal Bellydance classes and started learning about the body.  I used to just plow through jewelry projects until some body part was hurting, then I’d just go to bed and wake up the next morning feeling 100%.  Ah, the wonders of youth.  Now that I’m approaching 30, I need to be more conscious and aware of my body so I have less aches and pains. 😛

One method I’m going to try out the next time I sit at my desk is to stretch out before I sit down.  Stretch like I’m getting ready to dance so I get the blood flowing.  I think that will help immensely.  Then continuously taking breaks before I get stale and stiff to stretch some more and wiggle around.  Maybe that will motivate me to clear more floor area so I can get up and shimmy. 😉


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