Chainmaille Weave Analysis ~ Jens Pind Linkage

The JPL is related to the Spiral Chain, but can hold its shape like the Double Spiral.  However, it’s much more temperamental than the Double Spiral because the rings have to be the perfect size in order for the chain to maintain its shape and not twist itself out of place over time.  JPL really makes my engineering brain tickle until I need to put it down and rest.  I find it highly entertaining. 😉

I’ve been working on and off with my 12g rings because that is the perfect wire gauge for this particular weave.  Um, 12g rings are pretty brutal and require a lot of strength.  I’m about halfway finished but still kind of dreading fighting with the rings to get them closed.  Maybe I should stretch out my rhomboids before I start.  I’ve discovered that the rigid Tribal Bellydance posture is a good way not to use the wrists because this size gauge will definitely lead to wrist problems later on.  So I end up using a lot of my back muscles and shoulders.

These are the simple joys of chainmaille I’ve forgotten.  It’s nice to be back.


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