The Artist’s Way, Book 2, Walking In This World, Week 2 Recap

I’m a week late with this entry, but I have a really good excuse for it… all the synchronicity blew up in my face and made me take off running.  The only thing I really remember was starting extra bellydance practice for our performance that’s coming up the first weekend of November.  Sashi is really kicking our butts into gear.  She expects nothing less of us anyway. 😉  A few months ago, I realized the reason I was so creative continuously was because Sashi was kicking my butt into shape once a week.  And dance class became a safe creative place for me to unwind and recharge my creative soul.  So with the realization of the need for more exercise in my life, BAM, we’re gonna perform.  Whoo hoo!

Jesse and I had our engagement photoshoot last Monday and I miraculously re-engineered a bracelet to match my favorite necklace and engagement ring Saturday night/Sunday morning.  I really think it only took me an hour to do, which is quite shocking, although I may be underestimating my chainmailling abilities. /shrug  It turned out beautifully and I tumbled everything (except the ring, I don’t trust stainless steel shot and channel set diamonds) for a brilliantly perfect shine.

This past weekend was my very low key bachelorette party, which was totally awesome.  We headed down to San Diego for some exploring and general hanging out with friends.  Pretty interesting that 4 out of 5 were all married.  I guess that’s what happens when you hit your late 20’s/early 30’s.  Gathering a bunch of female nerds together is pretty fun.  We had a very balanced group of engineers and scientists and went to the Science Center in Balboa Park.  Playing with all the hands-on puzzles and exhibits was awesome.  I think the best part was the building blocks… and then having the honor of playing Godzilla…

All and all, I really have been learning that it is possible to live a creative life and being more conscious of one’s creativity really does open new doors.  So yes, this is the bigger picture and sometimes that’s what you have to focus on.  I understand it… it’s just a lot harder to practice.

And I will end by saying, I love being a dork, err, me.  😉


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