The Artist’s Way, Book 2, Walking In This World, Week 3 Recap

I’m still off on the weeks and stuff… I think I’ll start the next chapter (Week 4) on Monday…

Saturday morning I woke up at 5am and because I was wide awake, I started writing my Morning Pages and intermittently cleaning my room.  Still didn’t get to 3 pages, but I did clear and really sort through a lot of clutter.  Satisfied, I hopped back into bed at 7am and woke up around 8:45.  That was pretty awesome, but I can’t be doing that everyday.  But at least I felt very accomplished.

Saturday was dedicated to studying with Jesse, first stopping at Superior to pick up some groceries for the weekend.  I seriously love Superior for their American-Mexican Market hybrid concept that gives shoppers the best of both worlds.  Fresh tortillas, chips, and produce.  I spent 10 bucks on a package of marble pound cake (gotta have my sweet fix), giant bag of chips ($2.50 a bag), a little over 2lbs of roma tomatoes (2lbs for $1), tomatilloes (my favorite new veggie), a 5 or 6 pack of garlic for $0.69, a few yellow onions (8lbs for $1), and 2 bunches of cilantro ($0.99 for 2).  I will make it a point to shop at Superior when I can.  Seriously, it’s worth the drive (but is the extra gas worth it?).  We pretty much ate chips and whatever concoction of salsa and hummus Jesse came up with.  Add in the cost of canned Garbanzo beans, and that would be the grocery bill for the weekend.  \m/

Monday night I didn’t have class, so I cleared out a few corners of my room.  Jesse doesn’t understand that we’ve lived in this house since before I was born and stuff just randomly accumulates over time.  So I felt a huge wave of accomplishment and now wondering what cleaning task to tackle next.

This week’s lesson was about perspective… that was a great weekend.  I got to spend much needed time with Jesse, play with his nephew (while getting their new puppy adjusted to the baby/toddler, hahahaha, poor puppy), stay in to cook lunch and dinner, watched the series finale of Smallville with Dad, and went to troupe practice on Sunday.  These are the simple joys of life that keep me going and leave me happy to have spent my time with people instead of hiding in a cave like I prefer to do.

Except for moments like these, I’m becoming more of an introvert with age.  What I really need to figure out is if Jesse and I can exist in the same space together, but with an understanding of “hey, this is quiet time, leave me alone for a little bit”.  I think it’s possible since he’ll go off and concoct a new physics experiment while I’m off in my own little, lazy world.  I miss having lazy weekends to peddle around the house, reading a book, watching TV with Dad, and making jewelry.  I hope to find some crumb of that tranquility after the wedding and after we’ve settled into our new home and new lives.


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