Apartments, Bellydancers, and Goths Oh My!

OMG, the crazy weekend is OVER!  It was awesome, but now I can go back to hiding like the hermit I miss being.  But it was an amazing weekend full of lots of crazy activities.

First off, I’ve been swamped with nothing but performance prep ranging from costume construction to makeup to practice, practice, practice.  Whew, it’s been quite a whirlwind.  Thankfully Jesse has no objections to getting my ass kicked and wearing my hair in ridiculous gothic pigtails. 😉  The show was awesome and we were very well received by the audience and they really couldn’t tell this was our first time performing, together and mostly our first time performing EVER.  Yay Sashi ! 😀

Waiting to go on…

Yes, Ana is my mistress, and my chest isn’t lifted enough… grrr.  At least we look hot and are well accessorized.

Awkward white boy dancing and being accosted by bellydancers.

Sunday was spent recooping at home before running off on another apartment hunting adventure.  We finally narrowed down our choice and will attack them later on in the month.  After we felt accomplished enough, we stopped at the Bat’s Day Holiday Black Market to check things out and make sure my booth was in order.  Apparently it was well tended to… oh yeah, and I fed her Albertos.  I was disappointed I was buying food but not eating it.  Oh well, Jesse and I ended up going to a really great Greek place and I got my hummus fix.  Nom nom nom.

And even making an effort to entice people…

Oh wait, he’s mine.  Hehehe.  I’m sad I didn’t get to spend the day amongst my gothic kin with their beautiful outfits I was drooling over, but there’s a price you pay for balance and priorities.  At least I got to experience it a little bit and pay a visit to Jodee of Flippin’ Tribal.  She’s epically awesome and she invited Jesse and I up to her home/studio in the mountains so we can test our cold weather Alaska gear.  I said we’d take Sashi with us and make it a date. 😀

Someday I’ll have more time to spend on these shows and events, and hopefully get back into the bellydance circuit.  I miss dressing up for no apparent reason and mingling and all that.  Until then, my minion will be running around for me.  With all the stuff going on lately, I’m thankful not to be alone.




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