The Artist’s Way, Book 2, Walking In This World, Week 4 Recap

Dates/Walks/Pages: I did most of my pages… we’ll leave it at that…

This week’s theme has been discovering a sense of adventure.  The synchronicity has really been working because not only were we apartment hunting, but I had my first bellydance performance.  😀  Oy, so glad that weekend is over so I can actually focus on other things.  Yes, like wedding stuff… /sarcasm

Actually, I’ve been packing here and there, and finally starting a pile in the garage of stuff that needs to come with me.  Also included are wedding presents that have come early.  I have been opening  and cataloging them for pre-wedding thank you notes.  Yes, I’m doing my best to be appropriate and whatnot.  Yay.  That part is actually pretty fun. 😉  I’m just too tired and I really hope this isn’t what married life is going to be like.  I’m really debating if I should start packing up my beads on the bookshelf.  This whole, “I have a new family” thing is so surreal.  I mean, I’ve known his sisters for a year and a half now, but still… new family.  It’s weird.  Maybe the stepkid tosses it to another level of weird and surreal.  But at least she likes me. 😉

I’m ready for this kind of change.  It’s just a lot to swallow and lots to pack.  At least my goodies from Land’s End will arrive either tomorrow or Monday.  But I am worried about Fairbanks being -16 on Tuesday because it’s going to snow.  My coat is only rated at -20.  Did I mention Jesse and I are going to Fairbanks, Alaska for our honeymoon?  In the middle of January?  In the freakin’ dead of winter?  Yeah… but we are first and foremost nerds.  We’re going to see the Northern Lights and it’s going to be as epic as the beta release of World of Warcraft.  Hehehehe.  Speaking of beta testing, my buddy is going to be spending his weekend beta testing some Star Wars game that’s supposed to be WoW’s competition.

I have no interesting pictures right now, so here’s a picture of my l33t cooking skills.  Oh shoot, I forgot to mention that the 3 of us went whale watching yesterday and actually saw whales and dolphins!  It was awesome. 😀  And that was definitely a new sense of adventure because I thought it was going to be too cold to go.  But it wasn’t and it was totally worth it!  Whoo hoo!  Pictures of that will be posted later when I have half a brain on me…


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