100 to 0

This is the first Friday I’m at home and able to “hatch”.  Hatching is a term my mother made up for us girls when we were not in the immediate vicinity to be helpful around the house.  It’s a good term for an introvert. 🙂

But seriously, I don’t remember the last Friday night I’ve actually been able to sit around and watch “The Big Bang Theory” with Dad.  It’s like being around Jesse.  Hahahaha.  I love it.  But yeah… going from 100 MPH to a big fat 0 is weird.  Not as weird as getting married, but pretty close to it.  Tomorrow will be busy as soon as Jesse arrives (hopefully without a giant car repair bill, since he just bought my ring 😉 ), so I need to enjoy myself tonight.  So far I’ve finished a pendant which was going to be a necklace but I couldn’t get the balance right so I pushed it aside until tonight.  I stared at it and decided it would probably make a good pendant instead of a hunky necklace.  Coincidentally, I was thinking I should make something elaborate and expensive… and of course I turn back to these amazing golden apatites.  😀  They are dreamy… imagine them with swimming in rose gold. /drool

Shoot, now I need to find the tourmalines too… I think they actually have a home in a box.  Speaking of boxes…

This is why my Billy IKEA shelves are warping.  Oops, overloaded.  Hehehe.  Too many rocks.  A good suggestion I got today was baker’s racks.  Now to convince Jesse it’s not going to be an eyesore. 😛

Well, I should stop goofing off on Facebook and Photobucket and accomplish a little bit tonight before I epically crash into the full size bed I won’t have to share for another month -1 day. 😉

Rocks and chainmaille here I come!!!

“Carrrrrl, what did you DO?!”


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