The Artist’s Way, Book 2, Walking In This World, Week 5

Dates/Walks/Pages: I did most of my pages… we’ll leave it at that…

This week has turned into a month, but it’s been a good month. 😉  Thanksgiving was awesome (Jesse caught a lobster!) and we started moving into the apartment.  Moving, by far, has been foremost on my mind because I want to settle in and nest.  So far I’ve organized my closet enough that it still has enough room for the stuff I still have here.  Yay!

This chapter is about romancing your inner artist and treating it like a love affair.  Interestingly enough, Jesse and I managed to fit 2 bookshelves and both our desks in the bedroom.  I’m actually really happy with the layout, even though I haven’t taken any pictures other than the one of my desk initially.  😉  The energy in the apartment has been very soothing and my desk begs me to start creating and daydreaming.  Soon… very soon. ♥

Last Saturday I got to nurture some good friendships that I’ve been neglecting because of all the wedding chaos.  It was really nice to spend the day hanging out with friends, eating awesome food, and going bead shopping (Yay Gem Faire!)  I guess with age, comes a little bit of wisdom (at the cost of our youth). Gem Faire was awesome and my new favorite rock guy remembered me.  I got some really awesome apatite teardrops that are just simply yummy.  I can’t wait to play with those.  Also scored some awesome rhodolite garnet and multi-colored tourmaline.  Awesome-sauce. 😀

It would be obvious if I said my creative soul is itching to make stuff.  I’ve been slowly gathering/hoarding supplies, waiting for the right moment to bust it all out and go all out.  That time is coming and I’m just being patient.  I already have a great idea for identifying our stockings. 😉

3 more days… dun dun DUN!


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