Finding a Sense of Normalcy

Yay, I’m married!  Now to get back to normal life.  >_<

Post-wedding day, Jesse and I ventured to his sister’s house where we visited and rested from the festivities.  I ended up making another one of these bracelets to replace the one I sold. 🙂

Later in the week, since we had the kid with us, I went back to spend the day at the sister’s house and made this pendant in yellow gold and rose gold respectively.  Now to figure out what stones to show off.  Yes, this is my “show off stone” pendant.  Choosing a stone is so hard. 😛

Jesse’s been pretty entertained playing with all the kitchen gadgets we got from the wedding.  We can make nachos/salsa in record time with the food processor.  There’s even a grating attachment that’s great for cheese and hard veggies.  I plan to test it out with my meatloaf ingredients, probably tomorrow. 😀

Still getting the beads organized and I need to see if I can fit my computer around my desk.  It’s going to be a never-ending cycle until it’s done.  Bleh. >.<


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