When I can’t sleep, I climb out of bed, make sure my new husband is covered so he stays warm and asleep, venture out to the front room, plug in my broken floorlamp that needs to be connected to a wall switch, and make myself cozy on the futon. Tonight I have the blanket wrapped around my legs for warmth and I gaze around the room, wondering what else I can do with it.

A bookshelf would nice, filled with books and magazines meant for early morning reading before going back to bed for a few more hours. A medium sized mirror in the corner on each wall for bellydance practice would also be a lovely touch. The latter has been approved, but we still need to hit up Target to find something suitable. I’ve always wanted a small dance space for practicing so this will be exciting.

I’ve slowly begun to bring over my wall art… Paintings from an old family friend and framed ribbon embroidery little works of art to start with. Something He-Man needs to be included but we’ll see how to deal with that. 😉 I would love either my Xena or She-Ra framing to go above my desk. Most of this depends on the 3M wall hangers and weight restrictions. And if we decide to buy a TV or not. So far we haven’t needed one, as much as I need my Big Bang Theory fix. Oh well. I have better things to do than park in front of the TV.

I have a ton of jewelry ideas and I would like to crank out at least one jewelry piece to show off at this weekend’s bead show in Pasadena. It’s my favorite show ever and I get a lot of artist feedback on my wares whenever I go there. So I hope to make something with at least the stones from my crazy pirate rock lady. 🙂


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