So an idea to help incorporate my metal stamping is starting a collection of the 4 elements with a corresponding word or phrase and matching crystals and stones. That’s one way to do it. I suppose for a necklace, I could hang a small tag with a bead. But it would go clang clang too much. Hmm.

Once my finger tape gets in, I can play with my drill and polishing things. They’re silicone and work basically as a sander for oxidation. I tried it without the tape and the tag heats up really fast so I really do need it. Boo. I suppose I’ll hammer and oxidize stuff over the weekend if I have time. We’ll see.

Did I mention we’re heading to Alaska for our honeymoon? Haha, yup, next week in the middle of winter. No, not on a cruise. We’re taking a rail tour from Anchorage to Fairbanks then a van up to the Chena Hot Springs. It’ll be epic for sure. When we were deciding what to do and where to go, I gave it some real thought and decided no bugs and no humidity. Eh, let’s go see the Northern Lights. So we figured out when the New Moon would be (viewing is best with no light in the sky) and booked our flight.


One thought on “Hmm

  1. So excited about your honeymoon! I have an idea about your metal stamping idea… I will draw up the designs and email them to you! I think they will look awesome, even if they do have to wait till you get back from your honeymoon! 🙂

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