Alaskan Greetings!

Jesse and I are headed to the Chena Hot Springs soon and we won’t get any reception up there. I thought this would be a good opportunity to say “hi” and stuff.

Thursday we made it to LAX and even on a plane but Seattle got snowed in so Mom had to pick us up. We took an extended nap then headed to Rancho Cucamonga to pick up some gear from REI and the Bass Pro Shop in Victoria Gardens. BPS was a bigger fail than expected so we bought all our gear from REI. Looks like we’re going to need to join Ryzzie snow camping in Yosemite in the spring. 😉

Friday came and after more delays, we headed off to Portland. I made a new friend (I’m a magnet for kindred spirits it seems) because they didn’t seat us together. She eventually asked if I was an engineer because I talk like one (+1 nerd point). I gave her my card and said to keep in touch. Dinner in Portland was really good (quiche and clam chowder) and the delay was horrible. We were supposed to leave around 6 and ended up leaving closer to 9. Thankfully we got a tail wonder but we still didn’t arrive in Anchorage until midnight (1am PST).

Let’s see… Yesterday we woke up at the buttcrack of dark (sun doesn’t rise until 10 am) but breakfast was well worth it with the fresh waffles and cold milk. Off to the train station and we eventually departed for our 11.5 hours train ride to Fairbanks. We saw lots of big moose and missed the caribou. I made jewelry in the dining car and actually got some design work done. Haven’t gotten to do that for quite some time, enough that I was very pleased with my efforts. Home has been so hectic trying to get down a routine. But I think it’s time to throw routine to the wind and just get stuff done. We made it to the hotel, geared up and went for a walk in the snow. Got lost and the restaurant on Yelp wasn’t on Google so I demanded we go back to the hotel. The restaurant was nicer and pricer than expected so I got some bottled water and a salty frozen pizza. That was enough. Watched the tail end of an Ice Age movie and then went to bed.

Breakfast this morning wasn’t nearly as good as Anchorage but we had time to eat and later visit with the older couple and brave solo elderly lady who adopted us in Anchorage. Hopefully we get to see some of the Northern Lights this trip. Jesse’s going to peek out at the clouds at dusk to check visibility. My down jacket from Land’s End has been perfect.

And off we go to the Hot Springs! Pictures when I get to a computer. I think my default settings for pictures is set on small. Grrr.




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