Alaska Turned Me into a Vampire

We are in Fairbanks. It’s our last night and we can’t sleep. Actually, that’s because we took a nap at 7pm thinking we’d be able to get dressed and leave at 10pm on a Northern Lights adventure. Oops. Still cloudy. All these darned solar flares and it’s too cloudy to see anything. So it’s almost 1am, we have to be up by 6:30 to grab breakfast and then head to the airport. Um, epic fail. Maybe we’ll actually be able to sleep and wake up at a decent time on Friday. Hello optimism. Waiting around for the Northern Lights has been an interesting experience. With only 5.5 hours of light, you find yourself sleeping in a lot and napping during the day because at -10, it’s cold so you eat a lot to keep warm but you also feel oogy and groggy. Then you stay up until 3am waiting to see what I think of as the “Mists of Avalon” dancing around in the sky. Lemme tell you, I’ve made almost 10 pairs of earrings, a teeny tiny chainmaille pendant, a few more pendants, half a bracelet, and a necklace that needs chain to be finished. Yay for productivity. I wish I can get this much stuff done at home but geez, I have responsibilities. But maybe a way to get around that is not having Internet and cell phone service. Oh yeah, and a TV with less than 10 channels. I understand why minimalism helps you get stuff done. Because there’s less physical clutter to make mental clutter. So yeah… Chasing dancing lights in the sky made me a very productive jewelry artist but also made me a vampire.

I’ll go pack and zip up the suitcases after I write this. I can’t wait to get to a hard wired desktop computer. I need to change the picture settings so I can post pictures you can actually see. That would be nice. I hope to do that on Friday but we’ll see how productivity goes. I’m looking forward to going home but I’m not looking forward to the giant pile of laundry waiting to be done. I can do laundry best when I have nothing else to squeeze in between washing and drying. Since I haven’t had that luxury since after the wedding when I was bonding with my stepdaughter that week, I sort it and make Jesse wash and dry it. He’s good about it and doesn’t complain. It’s much more efficient for him to do it since he can lug off 2 18-gallon tubs better than I can.

We need to go shopping for a tall dresser and two 6-foot tall mirrors. I’m determined to get my dance corner up and running as soon as we have time to go shopping. Which probably won’t happen this weekend because the daughter is coming for a visit. Yeah, a 7 year old and hopefully no jet lag. Eh, oh well. Just gotta go with the flow. And the flow is telling me to chill out and de-jet lag on Friday. 😉

Oh, and act like a minimalist and clean up the apartment and rearrange my desk. 😛


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