Hello Thursday

February has been annoyingly busy.  I really want to do nothing but sit around at home and hide, but I have social obligations I’ve already committed myself to.  >.<  Eh, getting out is good for me and I can hide tonight and tomorrow night at the very least.

This past weekend we ended up hanging up stuff on the walls.  It was fun and Jesse has an awesome stud finder the Big Bang Theory boys would be proud to use.  It’s 4 really heavy duty magnets powerful enough to find the studs in the walls.  Pretty awesome, I have to say.  He also put together mirrors for my dance corner.  I’ve been too busy this week to test it out, but definitely soon. 😀  Tonight I plan to tidy up the apartment some more (didn’t get a chance over the weekend, oops) and generally hide from the world.  I really enjoyed the time we had at the hot springs without Internet or cell phone reception.  I got a lot more done than I would have at home.  I wonder how I can make a habit of avoiding technology for awhile… or at least when I’m at home for a few hours.

Dinner is pretty much taken care of (thanks for the duck, Mom!) so that’s one less thing to worry about.  Whew.  Since we’re going to Vegas for the weekend, I was hoping to finish off the veggies in the fridge so they don’t go bad while we’re gone.  Shoot, we’ll need breakfast for Monday.  Guess I should stop somewhere and buy bread and crackers at the very least.  It’s nice to have crackers (plain and flavored) on hand when we decide to make hummus.  The last batch was epic with extra garlic and toasted sesame seeds.  Nom Nom Nom.

I need to finish up this bracelet, tumble it, and mail it out.  It’s taken me far longer than I would like, simply because I haven’t been home to work on it and it isn’t an easily transportable weave.  Grrr.

The paintings of the roses and butterflies were made by my dad’s first boss.  She is a wonderful artist and only her paintings will reside in my home because I have 30 years worth of her work.  The butterflies were her second to last paintings, because of her age, she is retiring.  She just recently lost her husband (at the ripe old age of 95) while we were in Alaska, so my this is my tribute to them and their wonderful inspiration over the course of my life and my father’s.


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