Goals for the Week

1)  Clean the area around my desk

My desk is my studio space and I’m getting really frustrated with the pile of clean laundry sitting in front of my work space.  So I’m making a public announcement to motivate me to get everything folded, hung up, and put away.  Blarg.

2)  Re-Organize my desk

Having the computer take up most of my desk is really annoying, but I’m dealing with it.  Maybe I can move the monitor to the right side and store the keyboard over there so I have a better working area.  And I don’t like having the computer screen so close to my face, even though it’s pushed as far back as possible.  Then there will be less clutter on the right as well.  I think it’s time to move the metal stamps into the hall closet.

3) If I have time… continue organizing Swarovski crystal

I’m almost done putting everything away in a proper bead organizer container.  Just a few more packs and I should be completely done.  I think I can squeeze that in this week, but it is a short week since I had yesterday off.  >.<

Yeah, Zen Habits says it’s better not to have goals and to be mindful 24/7, but let’s be realistic… it’s NOT THAT EASY!  For the most part, I do live my weekends mindfully and without goals.  The activities of the day/weekend usually dictate what I’ll be doing.  Saturday was nice because I got to rest in the morning before heading off to Mom and Dad’s for a few hours.  Then I decided to watch an episode of Merlin and He-Man, respectively, while I was getting ready for the performance.  That really calmed my nerves down.  I’ll need to remember that for the next performance.  😀

Alright, I can do this… and post progress pictures. 😉  I have jewelry to make instead of all this cleaning!  Ha!


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