Fabulous Friday ~ Goal Check-In

I got a lot done around the apartment this week.  Maybe posting about it actually helped. 😉  I put away most of my clothes in the pile of DOOM and now I’m left with a few more pieces and a few hammers.  I’m considering moving my stamping station over to the photography table with a lamp.  I can use one of those epic full color spectrum lightbulbs too.  As long as I keep it neat, Jesse shouldn’t have any objections. 😉

As far as organizing the crystal, that’ll be a job for another weekend.  I’m already tired and it’s not even the weekend yet!  Ha!  Oh well, get to recharge my batteries.  I think I’ll make Jesse cuddle and watch the Big Bang Theory tonight.  The last episode we watched was such a hoot!  Poor Sheldon and his new office…

And to end my Friday, I’m going to try to make it to Gem Faire before it closes at 6pm to pick up some specific stones, then off to Superior for cheap veggies and the best tortilla chips ever made!  /happy Friday dance


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