Epic Weekend Recap Part 1 ~ Krazee Kreatives

This past weekend I had some creative friends over for a potluck. During my bridal shower and bachelorette party, I realized just how many awesome and creative friends I have and how awesome it would be to get them all together. I also invited a new friend I acquired when Allison and I were shopping in Pasadena at the bead show. We were probably chatting in front of the crazy pirate rock lady’s booth for a good half hour. We exchanged contact information and the rest is history. Yay for truly kindred spirits. 😀

I read an article somewhere about a group of friends getting together once a month to help the designated person of the month with a project. It could be cleaning out a closet, painting a room, putting on a birthday party, whatever. Bottom line is that this group of friends is the motivation and moral support designated friend needs for her particular project. I’ve always loved this concept but I’ve never been able to make it feasible. Maybe that we’re older and starting families of our own, it’s easier to ask and receive help. I hope this creative group of friends will stay together and help each other along the creative path we share, because if we really put our minds together, we can accomplish anything. ❤


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