Epic Weekend Recap, Part 2 ~ Nesting

So let’s see… Saturday was the potluck and Sunday was resting day.  I was so happy that the first gathering at my new home was an epic success and we were able to sit down and share a meal together.  Which means I have room for a total of 7 people at my kitchen table.  /squee

Yes, Sunday was epic in its own right because it was one of the few times Jesse and I have been able to stay home for most of the day.  We did laundry, tidied up the front room and kitchen, ate leftovers.  I would like to have a day like this together at least once a month if we can.  Sundays are supposed to be a day of rest anyway. 😉

I have to remind myself to measure Jesse’s diploma from Cornell so I can buy a frame and hang it up on the wall.  As nerds, we’re very proud of our education, so it’s fitting to display our accomplishments on the wall above the futon.  As you can see, the Cornell diploma will go in the middle and hopefully balance out the lopsidedness of the other two… no, we didn’t measure/mark the height of the frames, only the distance since each 4×4 is 16′ apart in the wall.  Oops.

Jesse is a minimalist at heart, if not utilitarian, and has offered to exchange his bachelor table for a dresser.  Me, being stubborn about wasting perfectly good furniture, put away most of the pile of DOOM (clean laundry that piles up in front of my desk and closet door), and decided to utilize the table as a weekend jewelry workstation since it’s right by the window, which lets in all the pretty sunlight, even though it’s being filtered by trees and the urban sprawl of our apartment complex. I can’t wait for Daylight Savings so I’ll have an extra hour of sunlight to bathe in after work.  As much as I like being a vampire, I need some happy sunlight and my daily dose of Vitamin D. 😀

I’m really happy about the little nest we’re building together.  The wooden sign was a wedding gift from the neighbors across the street from my dad’s house.  I think putting it in the nook area was a wonderful idea.  And of course, the painting is by my dad’s first boss.  I should print out and bring her this picture for the next visit. 🙂  All and all, I couldn’t ask for anything more than what I have right now.  Life has its ups and downs, but I’m definitely aware of my good fortune and not taking a moment of it from granted when I can. ♥


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