Artist ADD

I found out I’ve been selected to be in an art show some time in April.  Whoo hoo!

In light of that news, I spent Friday evening tackling my pile of DOOM while Jesse played with his new generator and badass magnets.  Since Grey’s Anatomy is now on Netflix, I started watching Season 4.  Being able to be married and watching mindless TV reminded me of being single and holing up in my room, watching DVDs and either working on jewelry or organizing something.  Felt really nostalgic and apparently I married the right guy, hehehe.  I started and finished a small silver and copper cog pendant that I plan to decorate with beads later.  But it was a start at least. 😉

Saturday morning, I made breakfast (usually Jesse makes breakfast, but I was hungry and awake more than he was) and we had some time before heading to Costco and then Dad’s house to spend the day with the family (Hawaii sister is here).  So I ended up making a pendant to match my outfit (I am only matchy-matchy when I make an effort or else it’s put on this because it’s convenient and uses very little brain power).  I’m sure Jesse was either entertained or shaking his head as I kept coming in and out of the bedroom for jewelry supplies because I was working at my weekend jewelry station by the window.  It was nice to be able to stretch my stuff out a bit… box of crystal here, box of glass beads there.  He-Man playing on my iPhone via Netflix.  I was a happy camper for sure.  Hehehe.

Artists really are ADD because I was doing chainmaille, then got bored and picked up my box of glass beads.  I’ve been itching to do something with them because they’re so awesome and these are really the only lampwork beads I use.  Endorse, really, because the owner/artist is a former Computer Engineer. 😀  But yeah, I was going back and forth all morning until I figured out what to make.  Made it within a half hour, too.  That was a good start for my busy weekend.  Now I hope to spend the evening hours sitting at my window since Daylight Savings is here.  Let’s hope I have motivation to go grocery shopping on the way home today. 😉  We need some fresh fruits and veggies.

I’ll end with a picture with my niece.


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