Creative Flow

I’ve never been much of a planner… why do you think wedding planning was so difficult for me?  I just go with the flow and try to get things done.  Maybe you could say I’m one of those people who prefers to “live in the moment” instead of trying to plan every single detail out of every single day.  That’s why I don’t like trying to schedule multiple social activities in one day because if one runs over the allotted time, then I’ll be running late for the next appointment.  And that wears me out too much, so I try not to do that whenever I can.  I’m not sure if this is necessarily true since I’ve been married, but if I have a full day of activity, I like to spend the next day (assuming it’s a weekend) resting and recuperating.  Duh, I’m an introvert. 😀

Trying to tell yourself you’re going to be creative during a set time usually has the opposite effect… so I go with the flow of the evening/weekend and see where it takes me.  Jesse and I make dinner, eat, then decide what to do depending what time it is.  Usually it’ll be about 7, so there’s time to do stuff before getting ready for bed around 9 or 9:30… he’s turned me into an old woman, I can’t stay up past 11 anymore.  When we went to Medieval Times the other night for a friend’s birthday party, it was probably about 10 and we were exhausted. So yeah, going with the flow has significantly helped my creativity.  Between that and keeping house, I’ve been doing pretty well. 🙂  Now to just make it home in time to catch some of the remaining sunlight that filters into the apartment.  Eh, hopefully next week since this weekend is supposed to be pouring rain.  But if it rains, that means I get to cozy up with a blanket and hot chocolate and watch the rain fall.  Haven’t done that in forever. 🙂

Jesse does a good job of occupying himself in the same room as me, he isn’t so distracting that I can’t be in the same room.  My inner introvert sings and he even laughs at some of my TV shows via Netflix.  Hehehe.  Yay for marital bonding.  I have to say that even though he’s been leaving super early in the morning this week, I’ve been happy to have him home in the evenings.  Yeah, please gag on our disgusting cuteness.  Everyone else does. 😉


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