A Married Sunday

When you’re dating and not living together, you really don’t envision cleaning up the house, doing laundry, or scrubbing the ring around the toilet.  I certainly didn’t think about these things when Jesse and I were dating.  It’s amazing how interesting reality gets when you’re faced with a mountain of laundry, a messy kitchen, and the other boring tasks of household maintenance.

I’m prepping for my art show while I wait for the laundry to dry.  The dryer takes approximately the same time to finish as an entire episode of Grey’s Anatomy.  So I’m watching my favorite medical drama and making new jewelry I have no idea where in my subconscious it came from while waiting for the laundry to dry.  Once I get that done, I’ll take photos of my new creations in the front room because there’s better lighting and a bigger photography area.

I wonder if people who practice cohabitation separate their laundry or do it all together.  I also wonder that even though you’re living together, if you ever wonder if the other person is going to wake up one day and move out.  Then all the stuff needs to be separated, the lease needs to be adjusted, etc.  Hmm, maybe that’s too many thoughts for a Sunday.  I should go back to making jewelry and watching Netflix. 😉


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