Eternal Hui Hui Style

My love for rose gold transcended over the Easter weekend.  The weather was perfect to don a cute little tank top dress that has a matching lace overlay over the skirt (hello, I love lace!).  So cute and disguised my Hui.1 bump oh so well!  Eh, not much is showing at 16 weeks.  Still the debate of “is she fat or pregnant?” and I can fit in normal clothes.  Hehehe.

I’ve been reading “Bump It Up” about being able to stay stylish and pregnant at the same time and a key trick is to accessorize, accessorize, accessorize.  And find clothes that flatter you, maternity wear or not.  So I put on my dress, finished my rose gold and sterling silver lariat, and decided I needed something more since it was Easter and Jesse and I were headed to meet the family for Dim Sum in Irvine.  Chainmaille bracelet in rose gold and sterling silver?  Check.  Chainmaille earrings?  Check.  Wedding rings?  Check.  I think I have to blame that book because I layered my jewelry for the first time ever and wore the little Na Hoku palm tree my dad bought for me during one of our trips to Hawaii.  Dad made one of his classic cute faces when I showed him I was wearing it. 😉  Epic win.

Dad’s fabulous taste in fashion has definitely rubbed off on me, even if I’m not willing to pay for designer labels.  Give me Talbots and Lucky Brand over Valentino and Miu Miu any day.  All those Fridays wandering around South Coast Plaza for a good 5 years or more has paid off in more ways than one.  He has an eye for design that I haven’t quite mastered yet.  Hopefully someday.  He loves modern and contemporary design, as well as little bits of Country French here and there.  But all and all, smooth, clean lines.  Like a Star Pine Tree.  I think when Jesse and I finally own our own home, Dad will be most comfortable there.  I’ll be sure to stock his favorite green tea, a hot water pot, and the 2nd biggest mug in the house for him (Jesse gets the biggest one, but they might just be the same size). 😉


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