New Collection: Rock on a Rope

Last night I decided to make some very simple stone pendants with a little chainmaille bit for synchronicity and this new collection will be called “Rock on a Rope”.  Yes, just like “Soap on a Rope” but it’s a rock on a chain.  Perfect for that little hint of color to brighten an outfit with the benefits of healing stone energies.  I don’t have a clue where these ideas come from, but I’ve been itching to get back into my stone studies and I suppose this is a manifestation of that itching.  Hehehe, yay!

My love of stones started when we started studying geodes in 4th grade.  I actually won a geode that was cut in half during an assembly.  After that, I started collecting a few rough amethyst and rose quartz chunks.  Then some tumbled stones from Michael’s that were $0.50 or $1.00 a piece.  Also, my mom would take me to Downtown LA’s bead district.  There was a bead store that hung their strands of chip beads in the window and it was the most awesome thing ever.  Mind you, I was probably 12 at the time.  But as I started attending Gem Faire and the Pasadena Bead Show, man, my stone collection has evolved. 😀

I’ll post pictures as soon as I’m around some sunlight with my camera.  Jesse.0 is coming for a visit on Thursday, so I have to clean the apartment.  Seriously, I’m trying to set a good example for her and the future kids we have.  So a clean apartment is a good way to start. >.<


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