Here Comes Trouble

I changed my mind and decided to go with 2 display tables.  Might as well go all out for this because I have room. 😉  Part of me really wants to setup the tables in such a way that I create a lounge with chairs.  Random… crap, I need camping chairs!

So my order from arrived yesterday and I have to say that 2 out of 3 things worked really well.  I have to say I hate ordering clothes blindly online and hoping they fit.  These 2 dresses actually fit really well and I’m just taking back the poorly fitting top.  Yay for in-store returns!  I’m glad I ordered a blue striped dress… wearing all this black gets a bit dull, even though I have been doing my best to “zazzy” it up with accessories.  Oddly enough, I’m learning a lot about fashion during this pregnancy.  For instance, wearing dainty jewelry with skinny jeans… it’s all about proportions.  I hate skinny jeans, but I’m sure that can be applied to a pencil skirt and tights.  Heck, I hate all jeans in general because I don’t like being confined so much.  But I occasionally wear jeans in the winter, simply because I’m tired of wearing my Lucky sweats day in and day out. 😉

I went to the dr today and we tried to take a peek to determine the sex of the baby… um no.  It rolled over, crossed its legs, and then punched me.  I didn’t feel it, but sheesh, feeling the attitude already.  I already know this one is going to be trouble, simply because the combination of genetics between Jesse and I is a full spectrum of intelligence and awesomeness.

And I will leave you with Zazzles and the origin of the word “Zazzy!”


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