Art Show Prep

Getting ready for my art show is like getting ready for the jewelry Apocalypse. 😛

I need to make more earrings.  That’s my top priority, as well as making another Jens Pind Linkage bracelet in 12g.  And eventually get some pretty fabric to cover up the plastic boxes I’ve decided to use as risers. 😀  Display-wise, I’ve decided to use just a 5-foot table for simplicity’s sake.  Having 2 tables would be great, but that’s just too much space for my stuff.  So I need to play with that and figure out the best location for the lights and busts.  Not too hard, just need to do it.  Like most things these days. 😕

So I have my chainmaille bracelets and necklaces all nice and shiny.  Now I have to dig out the crystal and stone jewelry to go with it.  My style varies enough for some healthy varitety, but I like to think it’s still cohesively me. 😉  The Rock on a Rope collection just popped into my head because I wanted to use more stones.  I think that’ll be a great collection once I get the fine tuning done.  The closer the show gets, the more random design ideas I get.  But I have to write them down because this pregnant brain makes it harder to retain those ideas.  Darn hormones!

While catching up on the later seasons of Grey’s Anatomy (yay Netflix!), I think I’ve been feeling a little too confined with my desk because of the computer.  It was really nice before the computer monitor and keyboard showed up, but there’s nothing I can do until we get a bigger place.  What I can do in the meantime is clean off my desk to make it a little more user-friendly.  Most of the time I don’t care and just plow through any random design ideas, but as the art show draws nearer, I want more order and control.

Once the art show is done, I can take a break from jewelry actually do something else.  Focus on my Etsy store, read some of the books on my Kindle that I haven’t gotten to, clean out the junk food cabinet because there’s a nasty residue from an old tortilla chip bag leaking oil and while we threw it out, we never wiped it up… yeah, things like that.  But after I get bored, I’ll just fall back into making jewelry and watching Netflix. 😉


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