Beauty the Hui Hui Designs Way

“If art is a window into the soul, then my jewelry says I am strong, beautiful, and sometimes whimsical.” ~Hui Hui Designs

I started this tagline as “Elegant and sometimes whimsical” around the time I was getting down and dirty with my chainmaille.  But I knew I wasn’t solely defined by chainmaille alone, hence the “sometimes whimsical”.  But really, all of this started back in 2003 when I was in poetry class.  I came up with my first tag line of “I am beautiful because of who I am.”  A girl has to build her self-esteem somehow and that was where I started.  That was also around the time when I met the friends who would unquestionably support me for the next few years so I could graduate in Electrical Engineering.  That by itself was a huge accomplishment.  They also gave me the encouragement to run for Engineering Council President.  So yes, for an entire year, I dubbed myself “Queen of the Nerds”.  ’twas awesome.

During my last quarter of school, I took my first bellydance class.  I know I’ve said this countless times, but Amara taught me that bellydance isn’t just sexy.  It’s the grace and elongation of the female form.  That was also my first encounter with energy work because she would encourage us to feel the energy flowing out of our outstretched hands and arms.  When I got to Sashi, she taught us that it’s okay to be sexy and that bellydance is a dance for every woman, regardless of shape, weight, and size.  I dance for myself.  I never thought of dancing to attract men.  Men have always been on the bottom of my goals, which is why I still pinch myself about being married, let alone pregnant.  Hey, men are nice to have, but they’re not everything.  I’m just happy that I’ve found a man who treats me like his equal. ♥

Beauty comes from within.  There’s also something to be said about charisma.  Who wouldn’t turn around to watch the most confident woman when she walks into the room?  When I met Jesse, I was happy, successful, and apparently the Universe said I was ready for a relationship.  I threw my cards down on the table and let him decide if he wanted to pursue a relationship.  No games, no BS, just 100% me.  Apparently it worked.  It won’t work all the time, but hey, it’s worth a shot if you still believe in true love.

Believe in yourself.  Carry yourself strong.  People will notice.


2 thoughts on “Beauty the Hui Hui Designs Way

    • Seriously! My friends didn’t even realize it… they’re guys, what do they notice? Hahaha. But yeah, there’s more to life than just boys and the number on the scale!

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